Player setup


Make yourself any combination of level 3 characters.
My suggestion would probably be a leader or healer and something else, but there isn’t really any requirement. If you like, we could go with two strikers and you can find a hireling to handle healing (note this option would come out of your money pouches). Any backgrounds are OK, though keep in mind that where you’re going the population is mainly humanoid.


Gear for said character as per standard setup:

  • One item level 4
  • One item level 3
  • One item level 2
  • Or a mix of items up to level 9 (not higher than level 4 obviously)
  • Pretty much any mundane equipment you like
  • Sum total of a level 2 item worth of coins (520gp)

Don’t forget to chuck the PDFs and character files in the Dropbox!

- Gav

Player setup

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