Harkenwold is a small barony in the southeast reach of the Nentir Vale. Several tiny hamlets and a number of steadings (isolated farms) are scattered across the broad dale of the White River. The great Harken Forest surrounds the realm, isolating it from the lands nearby. In better times, this quiet backwater contently avoids major trouble. At present, Iron Circle mercenaries are plundering the land. Baron Stockmer, the rightful lord, is a prisoner in his own keep, and a villainous lord named Sazin Redthorn rules in his place. The Harkenwold folk are down to their last hopeā€”that brave heroes will answer their calls for help and break the Iron Circle.

Player Introduction

You are a small band of heroes, who are on the trail of a gang of marauders who, you were told, attacked a farmhouse a few days travel from here. Hoping for adventure and rewards, you follow them to Northern Harkenwold, where the adventure starts.

Player Setup

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Gavs Reapers of Harkenwold